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complete audio
     for the great                      American cruiser

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UPgrading your factory system has never been easier.

Hogtunes offers something for everyone.  Whether you're looking to add a lot or a little, Hogtunes has the speakers, amplifiers or complete kit you need to seamlessly fit your Harley.  For those wanting even better sound, Hogtunes XL line of speakers is a step up from Hogtunes, offering better bass response, higher power handling and a superior sound!

Everything we do is custom engineered for a motorcycle and its unique needs.  From speakers and amps designed to handle the elements, to ensuring the factory charging system isn't compromised - we've thought of it all.  Plus, we believe install should be simple.


Hogtunes promises easy-to-install, cost-effective upgrades that allow you to enjoy your music - even at riding speed!  

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For the rider looking for a nice upgrade from their factory audio system at a very competitive price.  Hogtunes products are all easy-to-install, plug n' play design and fit seamlessly in the bike.  With numerous options and kits available, there's something for everyone.

Fits 1986 - 2023 model

Harley Davidson motorcycles

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hogtunes xl

For the rider looking for even more sound, Hogtunes XL is the next step up from Hogtunes.

 Hogtunes XL offers better bass response, higher power handling and overall better performance, especially at highway speeds. The XL speakers work best when powered by an amplifier.

Fits 1998 - 2013 Harley Davidson motorcycles


is fm radio a part of your riding experience?

Lots of riders have learned the hard way that ALL Class D amps (regardless of brand) will upset FM reception at some level.  Don't worry though, at Hogtunes, we obsess about every part of the rider's experience and came up with a solution.  We created a proprietary technology we call R.E.M.I.T which enables excellent FM reception from a class D amp on a motorcycle.

If FM reception is important to you, look for this logo when shopping on our site and get what we feel is THE BEST FM from a Class D amp, made specifically for your bike.

Yes, we thought of this too!

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