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more power.
     better bass response.
          superior sound.

WBA 400.2R on bike (1).png

unleash the boar

Wild Boar Audio is our top-tier brand of audio solutions offering more power and sound than our Hogtunes brand, specifically for 2014 - 2023 model year Harley Davidson motorcycles.  


All speakers feature carbon fiber woofer cones, studio-quality crossover components, and titanium impregnated 1.25” tweeters.

This line offers a superior sound for even the most discerning audio enthusiasts.  And, like all Hogtunes inc. products, Wild Boar Audio is easy-to-install, fits seamlessly into your bike and promises a strong, clear sound while never compromising the factory charging system (yes, we think of things like that).


is fm radio part of your riding experience?

Is FM reception an important part of your ride? Lots of riders have learned the hard way that all Class D amps will upset FM reception at some level.  Don't worry though, at Hogtunes, we obsess about every part of the rider's experience and came up with a solution.  We created a proprietary technology we call R.E.M.I.T which enables excellent FM reception from a class D amp on a motorcycle.

If FM reception is important to you, look for this logo on our site and get what we feel is THE BEST FM from a Class D amp made specifically for your bike.

small, but mighty.
introducing the 400.2R amplifier

Physically smaller in size (but not in power) to allow you to fit up to 3 amps inside the fairing for a whopping 1200 Watts total!  Never worry about losing space in your bags again.

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