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Wild Boar Audio 2 Speaker & Amplifier Kit for Liquid Cooled Lowers

Wild Boar Audio 2 Speaker & Amplifier Kit for Liquid Cooled Lowers

  • Add speakers to lowers on your liquid cooled bike
  • Wild Boar Audio amplifier system easily mounts ALL amplifiers inside fairing so no storage loss in bags
  • Wild Boar Audio Class D amplifiers feature proprietary R.E.M.I.T. technology which minimizes FM interference when using your radio *See Why REMIT below
  • All our amplifiers are uniquely designed to work with the bike's small factory charging system
  • System includes 300 watt amplifier
  • Wild Boar Audio speakers feature carbon fiber woofer cones, studio-grade crossover parts and oversized vented magnet for superior bass response and heat management
  • 150 watt 6.5" speakers install in supplied lower fairing speaker adaptors
  • Lower adaptors are gloss black to match inner fairing
  • Lower adaptors give easy access to coolant tank in brake side lower
  • System can be installed with the factory stereo or a Wild Boar Audio kit
  • Easily connects to the Harley-Davidson factory radio, and most popular aftermarket radios
  • Pre-set crossover, gain, and EQ adjustments for easy installation
  • 100% plug and play for easy installation so no wire cutting required
  • Complete kit - All required wiring and hardware is included
  • 5 year speaker warranty & 3 year amplifier warranty
  • Hogtunes part # WBA LC LWR KIT
  • Drag Specialties part # 4405-0533


Note: May require a radio software reflash, see installation manual for details


Why REMIT:  All motorcycle Class D amplifiers lead to a reduction in FM radio reception, regardless of brand.  Wild Boar Audio amplifiers use proprietary technology called R.E.M.I.T. (Reduced Electro Magnetic Interference Technology) giving superior FM radio reception over all other amplifiers.  
If you add a second or third amplifier to your system any reduction in FM radio reception is considered normal.  If FM radio is important for your riding experience, we strongly advise against the use of any in-fairing antenna, the factory antenna works best.  Please note that satellite radio and GPS signals are not affected by Class D amplifiers.

  • Bike Fitment

    • All 2014 - 2024 Ultra Limited models *See Note 1
    • All 2014 - 2024 Tri Glide Ultra models *See Note 1
    • All 2016 - 2024 Road Glide Ultra models *See Note 1 & 2
    • All 2020 - 2024 Road Glide Limited models *See Note 2
    • All 2014 - 2021 Ultra Limited CVO models *See Note 1 & 3
    • All 2020 - 2023 Tri Glide Ultra CVO models *See Note 3
    • All 2022 - 2023 Road Glide Limited CVO models *See Note 4


    Note 1: May require removal of factory CB module, if equipped, only if this is the third Wild Boar Audio amplifier installed in your system.


    Note 2: Requires Hogtunes FLTR Side Plate-RM


    Note 3: Must have WBA Ultra Kit SE already installed.  WBA LC LWR Kit will not work with factory CVO amplifier.


    Note 4: Contact us when being used on Road Glide Limited CVO

  • Included In Box

    • 1 WBA 300.2 Amplifier
    • 1 Pair of WBC 1654 REAR Speakers
    • 1 Pair of WBA LC LOWER ADA lower speaker adaptors
    • 1 Mounting plate for amplifier
    • 1 Complete plug and play wire harness
    • All hardware required to complete installation included
    • 1 Installation Manual
  • Installation Guide

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